Wet Brush - Squirts - Blue -

If you've ever chased a child with a hair brush, you know how important it is to make grooming as comfortable and pain-free as possible. These kid-friendly hair brushes have ultra-soft, flexible bristles that are gentle on even the most tangled tresses. They're available in pink, purple, blue and yellow, making them perfect for kids who aren't so keen on routine hair-brushing.

Perrfect for little hands !! Brush away and never feel tangled! Works great on wet or dry hair. For thick, curly or straight hair.

1X Wet Brush Squirt -Blue

What it is:
The magic of the Wet Brush is in the specially formulated IntelliFlex bristles. IntelliFlex bristles are thin, strong and very flexible. They have intelligent flexibility - flexible on one stroke and firm on the next.

What it does:
The adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. No split ends, no hair loss. It provides healthy brushing and detangling, creating the perfect transition from wash to style!

What else you need to know:
With a rubber coated non slip handle that feels great wet or dry, The Wet Brush is a favorite among women, men and children of all ages and can even be used on extensions and wigs. Perfect for use in the shower, after a shower, at a salon, on a beach or on children who cringe at the sight of a hair brush, The Wet Brush allows anybody to have beautiful, soft, healthy and tangle-free locks.

Wet Brush Squirt Detangler Hair Brush features Exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles that glide through tangles and knots with ease. The sturdy bristles gently massages the scalp while stimulating blood flow and strengthening your hair. It is designed brilliantly to minimize pain and to protect hair against split ends and breakage. It lets you brush with less force so you can detangle with less damage to your hair. Our hair brush works great on wet or dry hair and is perfect for men, women and kids; it also works great on hair extensions and wigs. We shrunk our Original Detangler, smaller, cuter and perfect for life on-the-go - Little brush, big results: The Detangler for life on-the-go!